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Sunflowers curl over a sea of seeds.

Sprouting and growing, they reach the surface

thinking they will bask in the spotlight -

but they burn, crack, and sigh.

The sea of seeds (now full-grown flowers)

long for a life just like their founder’s

but they suffer from the loss of their life’s power:

No air to breathe, no water to sip -

just flames suffocating (now they’re hung with a drip).

The ones who survive gaze at their meadow:

Once oh so green, now anything but.

The boiling morning and dry midnight

will only get worse with dawn;

tomorrow’s seeds and tomorrow’s sprouts

will never be able to find a way out.

Their birth won’t be a celebration -

their birth will lead to inevitable self-destruction.

Today’s destruction will never be solved

if today's flowers leave the problems unresolved.

Sunflowers curl over a sea of seeds;

Some sleeping, and some fighting for their needs.


Editors: Rajeshwari T., Amber T.

Image source: Unsplash


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