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Screen of Smiles

Updated: Feb 19

All boxed in their separate files,

I face a screen of sixteen smiles

As I zone in and the questions roll in,

Out of habit, my face breaks into a grin

But how honest, how happy was I within

Looking back, these moments felt forced in my skin

Hitting the ten minute break,

I mindlessly grab my phone to take,

The notification, taking my breath away

My eyes gloss over the concerning text

Panicking, what should I do next?

My hands speed straight to the news outbreak

To the headings, screaming of anger and heartache

During this ten minute break,

My mind clings toward the cloudy awake

My body soon registers, then turning fake

No one braced me for this bad day,

No one tapped me, asking if I’m okay

Nowhere to escape, thoughts trapped here to stay

Becoming one with the separate files

I soon resumed to those sixteen smiles

Having no closure, finding no peace,

I turn off my camera for temporary release

Glossy eyes wait for my decision,

But tears well up, clouding my vision