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Ode to COVID

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Dear Asian Youth,

I dedicate this poem to everyone staying strong through these trying times.

I crave people by the dozens

I thrive on conversation by the hours

I consume excitement by the gallons

you know these things were no luxury to me

they were a necessity

but I had my lifeline stolen away

a return policy with no end date

I was alone

a struggling patient unplugged from life support

a suffocating fish denied of water

a wilting flower dug up from the soil

I desperately searched for




within this imperfection

I was terrified

who would've known we would be forced to find comfort

across a dimly illuminated iPhone screen?

but I found that comfort

miles and miles away

I found it in you

gently restoring my faith

we need to stay in touch

I said

and we will

you agreed


that used to be a physical verb


now an emotional connection

an agreement that distance could never come between us

from video calls about landscape triptychs

to matcha ice cream while singing chinese lyrics

to tears of grievance over our dying peers

to your hopeful attempts in calming my fears

to paragraphs of font 9 birthday texts on screens

to you and I exploring this crisis with dreams

your presence

revived me

energized me

you saved me

when again we finally meet

I will wrap my arms tight around you and whisper

thank you for always bearing with me

but we said distance could never come between us

didn't we?

- Eva

Editors: Sandhya G, Siyean P, Evie F, Sam L

Cover Photo Source: Science Friday


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