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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

there are plenty of fish in the sea

their lustrous scales shimmer brightly

against the light of the scorching star

seeping into the cracks and corners

of this endless sapphire abyss

i’m drowning,

the saccharine waves

dribbling from my tender lips

are almost as sweet as you

a shimmer here, a shine there

my eyes are blinded

the warmth rushes through my veins

no longer am i a cold-blooded creature

but my heart is still bitter

and the water becomes a pool of blood

tainted with glimpses and glances

of you

still, you are lackluster

and my adolescent mind is a pristine canvas

waiting to be stained with




your limbs are twisted and tangled

in an impenetrable knot of veracity

but i ask that you deceive me

only once

before the balmy water turns searing

and the myriad of fish fool me into their

unforgiving jaws


Editor(s): Luna Y.


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