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Know Me & Blaze

Updated: 7 days ago

Know Me

they’re meant to set

an example for how your life

may end up, make

mistakes so that you don’t

have to.

but my parents haven’t lived

through what i have, and their

lives are therefore different

than how mine will


most teenagers say their parents

don’t understand them, talk

about loneliness and

fierce individualism, but deep

down, crave affirmation.

my parents understand me; my

obsessive need for control, my

sarcastic nature, my uninhibited

ambition, they understand

all that.

they know me.

they know the facets

of my soul, know the way

i think, analyze everything; i

am not them, and they understand

that i will be different.

my life will not be the same

as theirs, for i am