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Jaded // Green is a Feeling

is duplicity

The whisper of the wind on warm honeyed grass

Yet the harsh glare and cold hum of lime street signs,

A kind stability and tender breath

Or a governing signal and alerting presence;

A byte in the apple.

is greedy

A hunter crocodile pining for fresh prey

The shadow of their jaws prowling upward,

Reaching for raw morsels eager for innocence

Between the glinting gums and teeth;

Feeding means bleeding.

is commodity

The modernity of artificial intelligence vomiting theft

Artistry bruised in oily olive hues rather than in purples and blues,

Currency as valueless as prized receipts for PNG emeralds

Disguised with RBG pixels and ones and zeroes;

They obey imperfect rules perfectly.

is preciousness

The fracturing facets that dresses

A corporate landscape dripping in jewel tones,

Budding for a decadent display

And wrenching out sickly weeds;

The rot does bloom richly.

is Jaded a feeling

Editors: Lau, C. Shin, C. Wickliffe, L. Yan, E.

Image Source: Unsplash


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