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human again

Updated: May 28, 2023

you are human.

simply put, a shifting, restless, unstoppable force

striking any field, keeping your goals and dreams hostage,

you would fly to the ends of the earth to achieve and feel fulfilled.

unforgettable and wondrous, do not forget that we come in assorted packages

varying in colors and shades,

it takes one artist, one idea, one story,

for us to be painted into a vivid masterpiece.

but sometimes, we forget why we are human,

who we are, and who we live for.

we drain ourselves until the person inside ourselves isn’t

breathing breathless breaths,

our humanness turns into something different.

if we were all deaf, maybe we would stop judging others’ voices,

stop muting their songs,

but i bet we would still pinpoint a stain on their shirt,

a birthmark-turned-flaw

our eyes scouring for something, anything to make us feel better

if we were all blind, then maybe,

just maybe

we would stop trying to conform ourselves into this narrow cast

remodel ourselves, our insides and outsides, making sure every inch is like new,

come on in,

into my humble, lovely house

you are human.

you would crawl to the ends of the earth for your foolish, selfish desires,

attacking every force field in the way of your goals and dreams,

who knew you could cause such suffering?

we have become different humans, dangerous,

a shifting, restless, unstoppable force willing to tear apart others

like it’s second nature

some of us a partial design of muddy grays and hues

incomplete sketches, broken fragments of something we can’t remember.

as humans, we long to feel.

we try so hard that


we forget how to breathe,

how do we breathe,

why do we breathe?

we try to feel alive sometimes.

we just don’t know how.


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