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her, an identity

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

poem 1 her, an indian girl

her eyes

dark brown

like chocolate pearls

intoxicating and sweet

her hands

like soil

fresh, pure

and earthly

her palms like sand


and soft

but weathered

by rain

and tears

her hair

not silk straight

or coiled in curls

but messy, frizzy

and as thick

as rope

massaged with

coconut and amla oil

her nose perched

on a throne

upon her face


as though

it was meant to be right there

her fingers dark and elegant

with poise

and strength

she is the daughter of earth and stars

graceful but messy

strong and capable

she is indeed

a desi girl

poem 2- her nature: breaking and healing

the number of things

which have fallen to my hands



and left without

hope of resurrection

i cannot count

but there are

some things


stay in my hands

and heal

from the creases on my palms

using my skin

and love

as a balm

poem 3- her, a constellation

her eyes discs

of floating stars

her hair cascading

like a waterfall

her smile


showing her teeth

her nose

just so

on top of her mouth

why is she up there

i ask

gazing up into

the jet black night

she was too perfect

grandpa says softly

and she is a reminder

that all of us

on earth

have our flaws

those who are amongst the stars

are infinite


perfection has no place

on a fragmented land

even the ground below are feet

quakes sometimes


These poetry pieces show my persona as an Indian girl growing up in the states , and my thoughts and feelings as a south Asian teen.

Instagram: @aaryana.sharma

Cover Photo Source: pakistanimartha on RedBubble


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