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Drafting a Love Letter to my Grandmother

Updated: Feb 19

For the grandparents who miss their grandchildren, the grandchildren who miss their grandparents, but especially for my grandmother who immigrated to the united states after leaving her hometown in Taiwan many years ago.

she tucked several belongings from home

and escaped to america, dreaming for the american

dream. she worked hours at night to care for

her three sons, who were her every priority. and now,

she’s over 70 and tired, but still living.

i wonder if you’re sitting on the same white

couch and cooking with the same old fashioned plates.

do you still cook grandpa your famous

shrimp dish? we miss it very much.

but grandma, are you any happier now?

but grandma, how are you now?

how have you been, grandma?

i know you’ve been waiting for my texts,

but mom’s been paranoid about me contacting you…

you know how the relationship is between my parents.

but school’s been really busy. can you believe i’m graduating

next year? time really flies.