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Dear Memory

Yellow is the color of faded images

Colors sipped away by the sun

Pink is the color of faded memories

Soft glowing haze obscuring the past

Crackling stereo of faded recordings

Records that played a time long ago

Dear memory,

How I try to hold on—

Indentations in my mind.

How you left prints on my soul

Your touch, your smell

Still haunt me in the night

Sitting under a blanket

Of solitude, your memory

Wrapped up with me.

Can I hold you? For how long?

Before you

Slip, into the abyss

They say that experiences

Last a lifetime, and

My memory of you

Outlasted you

Outlasted us

Remnants, of what remains

In aftermath,

In shock,

I fear the honesty of letting go

I hold onto the lie

As yellow paints itself on the images

And pink burns itself into my memories

Sipping away color

Vacuuming vibrance

Colors become pastels,

Fading away to white.

Editors: Joyce S., Cydney V., Nicole O.


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