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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Step one: find different papers of all different sizes.

Step two: cut them, rip them however you like.

Step three: get glue, and start working.

(Optional) Step four: decorate with stickers and other felt items. 

Hands move by themselves

To cover the paper inch by inch

And it becomes drowned in new colors

And ideas.

The gems probably don’t fit

But I keep them anyway. 

I step back to observe

The masterpiece made of newspaper

And cardboard paper. She’s a girl

With flower eyes

Fabric hair

And uneven cheekbones.

I think she’s me. 

Author's Note: This past summer, I hosted an art class for my next door neighbors’ young daughters, and one day, we did a collage activity. I hadn’t made a collage since elementary school, so I was immersed in nostalgia and excitement. Because of this, I became fascinated with the idea of making a collage portrait of yourself and seeing yourself in new ways. With social media, insecurities we have, and living in a judgemental society, we can become obsessed trying to fit into the norm or diminish the features we do have. Collaging allows us to experiment with new things and concepts that may or may not work; thus, I hope the reader can also “step back” to observe their features and traits in a newer, possibly freer light.

Editors: Nikki J, Zoe L


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