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An Angel Once Told Me

Updated: Mar 12

That she loved me, that things were okay,

That sometimes, when the skies thundered, and even when

The clouds were conscious of my existence,

The days could be worse than others.

“And that”, she whispered close to my ear, tickling the back

Of my neck,

“Is okay.”

Fireworks and sunsets rose to the sky

As I wondered about how the days could fly

This fast, so fast, that I was never able to

Catch up.

In my bed, drowning my pillowcase with tears,

I’ve left my soul for another to pick it up,

In hopes of reincarnating into something

Less hateful and more lovely.

An angel had to stop me, though, before I could

Go any further, before I could manage to leave entirely.

Fingers thin, she stroked my cheek and held my hands in hers,

And for the first time

In a long time, my heart beat wa