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A Love at War

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Tumbling down a spiral filled with war,

Bullets hitting my bones and

Ringing in my ears,

All because you two cannot stop

Playing with your guns.

The fires each of you carry are heavy and ferocious,

But cannot tame itself any further

Since what’s been said has been said

And what’s been done has been done.

For you two to leave each other –– easier said

Than done –– would need so much more

Effort than pulling out the bruises and scars

And reliving those moments again.

You’re together for me, but I’d rather

Feel peace in the empty rooms and sunshine

On my face. So, with my only shield being my

Duvet blanket that can only barely

Cover the rumbling whispers outside my door,

I’m crying in my bedroom alone

In the darkness, sobbing as silently as

I can.

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