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A Collection of Butterflies

Updated: May 29, 2023

A Collection of Butterflies

1: butterfly

i think i’d like to be a butterfly

to float freely

to fly

to be such a beauty

without restraints

without stress

and the pressure of the real world

to live in a fantasy

2: fantasy

my dream world is a fantasy

that exists only in my mind

but i love it there

with its colours

and feelings

its butterfly-like delicateness

3: delicate

delicate are feelings

you never know what one feels

delicate is love

because one wrong

can shatter it

but one right isn’t enough to fix it

4: shatter

sometimes i feel like glass

but like broken glass

like i have no use

no purpose

and am just going to be swept away

5: purpose

what is mine?

everyone seems to walk like they know

what they’re doing

everyone but me

i’m still so unsure

so tentative

because what the hell am i doing

6: (i don’t) know

i seriously don’t

not anymore

i thought i found a purpose, a life

a way to live

guess that was all a lie

7: lie

life is practically a lie

isn’t it

it weaves beautiful tales

and beautiful twisted truths

that fall apart

and fly away

once its torn you apart

8: (i’d like to) fly

to have wings

wings made of light


then i could escape reality

this hellscape disguised as heaven

and be finally free

like a butterfly

- Mira


A Collection of Butterflies is a poem I wrote about wanting to escape from reality. There are 8 total "butterflies" which are all linked through one emotion: wistfulness.

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