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松柏后凋 (The pine and the cypress are the last to wither)

松柏后凋 The pine and the cypress are the last to wither

Pine and cypress are the last to wither

Even when winter’s cold comes hither

Their age is seen in delicate lace

Jutting outwards like feathers,

Filling frost’s cold space.

Pine and cypress raise fruits of bronze

Feeding even the smallest birds of song

Layered scales protect their seeds

Hanging like ornaments

Richness they feed

Pine and cypress record the past

With rings of wood made to long last

Every challenge they’re forced to face

Selfishness or chance

They persevere with grace

Even when hellfire turns to fall

Pine and cypress will always stand tall

For when the blankets lay,

Their endurance and character

Will always stay.

Editors: Joyce S., Nicole O.


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